Weekly Photo Challenge: OOPS

Yesterday, we went walking in the Thornton Bales Conservation area, known locally as “the 99 Steps”. There are a lot of hills and one very steep section that has steps to make the climb easier (read harder) especially in damp weather.  P1060524

I love this area in every season. This year our weather has been particularly warm making a walk in the woods a wonderful joy. I was surprised to find colour on the dry and decaying logs. Mushrooms and fungus are something I have always appreciated in the spring and summer so I was pleased I had my camera handy.

Moss added life
to the decay.


I photographed these interesting fungus, clicking away as I often do, taking way more photos than I could ever use.  (aren’t they lovely?)P1060551






I simply had to get a photo from another angle and just as I hoped over the log… OOPS… I clicked the shutter..    So there you have it… my blurry knee. Perfectly captured for this prompt.P1060544

Check other bloggers as they show us there “OOPS” photos


Do I Have a Colour Personality?

If I had to name my colour, “the hue of me” I can only answer with orange. Sun glowThis was not always the case. Most of my life I was controlled by fear. A blue person. Deep inside, that wounded little girl within me desperately wanted freedom from her pain. I could not let that little girl surface because I was afraid. I was controlled by fear. Fear of disappointing others, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of physical abuse. Fear of being alone.

God has healed me. I am set free from fear. I am free to be the person I was born to be. I am free to embrace my orange personality.

Are bees innocent? Have they got a bad name for no reason?

I love socializing and being with people. This is new for me. There was a time, not too long ago, that I could not speak in the smallest group. I was controlled by fear. Phrases like “they will laugh at you” “That’s stupid” and “no one cares what you think”, bounced around in my thoughts.

I enjoy being physically active, particularly in the outdoors, whether it’s simply going for a walk or paddling a canoe.a look back

I went to the web site   http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/

Colour psychology is the explanation of how colors affect our emotions, our moods, our health, our well-being, our energy, our mind and our spiritual awareness at both a conscious and subconscious level.

I believe more in the power of God than the power of colour, but I found it fun to read. Especially when they say:

“The color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit. In fact orange is so optimistic and uplifting that we should all find ways to use it in our everyday life, even if it is just an orange-colored pen that we use.  Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life and is a great color to use during tough economic times, keeping us motivated and helping us to look on the bright side of life.  

With its enthusiasm for life, the color orange relates to adventure and risk-taking, inspiring physical confidence, competition and independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go!”

It goes on to say another truth about me: You may be lousy at housekeeping as it is not that important to you – you love having fun too much and don’t like the mundane – a little dust on the mantelpiece is not that important to you.”

oh yeah, that’s me alright.

Undone by the Infinite

What does infinite mean to me? When have I experienced the power of the word infinity?

I can remember standing on the edge of the Pacific Ocean watching the endless waves crashing against the sand. The water went on forever, the horizon seemed a million miles away.ocean

The waves kept coming and coming as they have done since the beginning of time. It is thrilling to feel that sense of wonder and amazement that overwhelms the soul at these times. I felt like I was part of something endless.

Have you stood on the Prairies and felt that expansive feeling of infinite distance?tracks

I travelled on the “Top of the World” Highway a few years ago. I stood on the highest peak and could look down in every direction. The world stretched out before me and I was overwhelmed by the splendour and I was filled with joy.endless

While on a canoe trip one August, I was witness to the Perseid meteor showerIt was a very black night, the only light came from the billions of stars that are visible in the wilderness of northern Ontario.

The 2010 Perseids over the VLT

The 2010 Perseids over the VLT (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The infinite number of stars was overwhelming. We saw so many meteors it was impossible to count. A truly thrilling experience of the infinite wonder and unfathomable reach of space.

The most memorable moment when I was overwhelmed by the infinite was years ago, yet I remember the feeling as if it was yesterday. Standing in a jeep on the Masai Mara and seeing the huge expanse of endless savannah. Tree in Kenya


zebras (Photo credit: eggshapedkath)

Suddenly the world seemed much bigger to me. I felt very insignificant. This was God’s handiwork on a grand scale. There were herds of animals in every direction… wildebeest, zebra, antelope, elephants and giraffe.. so many, so many..

I was totally undone.

I knew, in that moment, this world could not be an accident. I knew, without a doubt, that there is a Creator. I knew He is infinite.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

I enjoy the patterns of nature. The lines on a shell, the stripes on a rock, the patterns made by the composition of each rock is unique. I have walked many beaches with my head down looking at the rocks. They seem to invite me to reach down and pick them up. I love the textures and shapes, the colours and patterns.collection

I have a collection that I have gathered from far and wide. I cannot tell you the place I found each one, but I keep my collection in a bird bath in the garden. It is a constant reminder of the blessings of travel. I will go on a road trip at the drop of a hat. Travelling to distant countries happens less often but everywhere I have been, I have loved and I have collected a rock or a shell to add to the bird bath. From the Yukon to Panama, from B.C. Canada to Kenya the lines and patterns mix together in a pleasing array of memories.

Inside the Mirror

The weekly photo challenge this week is “inside”. I share these photos of the view inside the mirror. The reflections of what we have already passed by as we travel along the highway, speaks to me of my life’s path. At this time in my life, I can’t help but look back at what was. It is difficult to look inside memories without the events of last year distorting what I see.

For some months after my ex’s arrest, I had to will myself to focus on the now. DIRTYReflecting on our marriage just made me feel angry and hurt.  I cried because I felt all my memories had become tainted and dirty like a dusty road. I felt robbed of all that was good in my life. I could not help but wonder if perhaps it was at this event or that party that something abusive was going on behind my back. I started looking for the signs I had missed that would have revealed the truth.

REFLECTEDAt other times, especially when I was alone and discouraged, I would look inside the mirror of our past and it seemed brighter than the road ahead. The road I am on seemed blurred and uncertain.

Other times the reflection in the mirror is beautiful while the road ahead seems too dark and lonely.Looking Back

These thoughts inside my head were leading me into a pit but God is good. He instructs us to take our eyes off the negative things in our life and focus on the positive. We are instructed to consider the loveliness of life.

 Philippians 4:8 ‘Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.’

If we look inside our memories, we can become bitter and filled with regret. As for me, I strive to focus on the lovely things in my life.  I choose to keep my eyes looking ahead to the path I am on, with wonderful family and friends, great opportunities and perhaps an adventure or two. There are times when I fail, but there is always a hand ready to pick me up and I am so grateful.

I choose to stop looking inside the mirror to see the reflection of what was, rather I am looking through the window into my future.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Mysterious and magical, sometimes wild and exciting, other times peaceful, the sea is ever-changing.

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I have lived for a time on the Atlantic and grew up on the Pacific. I love the water, I love swimming and fishing and kayaking. I went Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean and played in the Caribean. I remember swimming in a school of jelly-fish as a youngster and scraping my knee on a barnacle.
But what I enjoy most is watching children as they experience the wonder of the sea. I love watching children as they find a sand dollar or a star fish. I enjoy watching them measure the length of a kelp that has washed ashore. I love to watch them in the waves. sand.  StephenCannon and Kaizen 2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

On a recent road trip to the Yukon, I was happily hiking along the trail.

Carefree hiking, far away from all the stress of the world.

Carefree hiking on the Chilkoot Trail, far away from all the stress of the world.

I felt so happy and so carefree, I was skipping in sheer delight at being alive.

The trail took me through the forest.

The trail took me through the forest.

When suddenly…. around a corner, A cute little brown bear cub, just ten feet from me. I stopped and looked around and there, just off in the woods beside me, the mama grizzly and another cub. I realized the danger and I backed up quietly until I felt safe, then backtracked along the trail to a different trail.

I wanted to take more pictures, but wisdom reigned that afternoon and I thought it better to escape while I could.

I wanted to take more pictures, but wisdom won that afternoon and I thought it better to escape while I could.

This incident did not ruin my carefree enjoyment of the trip. In fact, I rather enjoyed my “close encounter” with Mama grizzly and her twins. I am just glad that there was no need for a newspaper report like this very scary story.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

The weekly Photo challenge sent me out to take two photos choosing different angles from the same spot. In the first example, I chose the same view and took the photo both vertical and horizontal. the others I chose to get down and either take it at ground level, or look up. Which angles in the sets do you prefer? Please take the poll. you can choose one from each set.

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Look through the slide show of just three photos

Please leave a comment and critique.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

I Will Listen to the Signs Next Time.

The ominous sunset was a sign, a foreshadow of doom. But I had heard that old adage: ‘Red sky at night, a sailor’s delight” so I took a few photos and went to bed with a smile. Would it matter that I was on a road trip and not a cruise?

Time would tell…
ominous sunset

Our chosen route that day was the back roads from Likely to Barkerville.The Gold Rush Route over the mountain and through the pass.

In the cute little town of Likely, we crossed a river and found a strange sight: there in the middle of the rushing water… a stop sign.. curious indeed. Foreshadow maybe?

is this a sign? I mean, a warning? A foreshadow of trouble ahead?

We picked up a couple of things at a small store near the gas station. There on a bulletin board, my eyes fell on a little notice “road to Barkerville closed”. I asked an old guy sitting in a rocking chair about the sign. “Oh, thats an old sign, from last winter, it’s always closed in the winter. Probably forget to take it down.” What a relief.

A snake crossed my path as I walked to the car. I thought I heard it chuckle.

Hee Hee hee.. sucker..

Hee Hee hee.. sucker..

The sign just out of town did not worry me, “we are on an adventure” I laughed at the sign.

Wilderness road

The tree across the road did not worry me either and we easily moved it to the side.

The tree across the road did not worry me either and we easily moved it to the side.

Have you ever seen those signs; “Watch for Falling Rock?”  Well, there was no sign that day, just the fallen rock.  It was starting to get creepy. Was this a sign, a warning? a foreshadowing?rocks on road

Then the rain started. The road turned into a muddy, pothole filled mess.

The road was muddy and the sky grew dark.

The road was muddy and the sky grew dark.

We drove for an hour through the rain. No visible mountains, no other traffic, not one car. in fact, not another sign of life anywhere. I felt we were alone in the world. Even the birds were no where to be seen..

Just after the rain stopped, a mudslide stopped us. There was a tree sitting in the middle of the road. Not scary, but it did however get my attention. Another foreshadow of what was to come? Naw, this is the worst it can get.. right?

No problem, we squeezed past the tree on the narrow dirt road.

No problem, we squeezed past the tree on the narrow dirt road.

We were too far along to turn back now, only twenty five kilometers to Barkerville, I was releived and relaxed, threw some lively tunes on the radio and started singing along.

I had my eyes closed when he hit the brakes. I bolted upright, my eyes flew open. What was the matter?

The road was gone, washed down the mountain into the canyon far below!

where is the road

Half the road washed into the canyon, was this other half safe?

Safely past the washed out road, more trouble, bigger trouble.

Road block

The hard part was driving around the cement roadblock. The choices: drive on the mountain or the embankment.

I refused to stay in the car while he inched his way over the broken road, on the edge off the embankment. I stood by and watched.

It is funny the things that run through your mind as you watch a scene like this, off in the middle of the mountains, not a soul around….In the middle of worrying about him, I thought.. “Oh no.. What about me?” I knew at that moment I should have grabbed my survival kit, I should have grabbed some water and some snacks. and my phone! All I could think about was me. I thought, if he goes over,  I have to walk twenty or so kiloneters alone in these mountains. AND it is already getting late, it will be dark before I make it out.

“I NEED A FLASHLIGHT!!….  I screamed. but he didn’t hear me. I held my breath and prayed.

The good news is: he made it, I jumped back in the car just in time to see my reward for a harrowing day. Next time I see a foreshadow, a warning, I will pay attention…. maybe.

The hard part was driving around the cement roadblock. The choices: drive on the mountain  or the embankment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

“Masterpiece. No matter where you are (and where you’ve been), I’m certain you’ve stumbled upon something extraordinary: a place that blows your mind; a work of art or object that speaks to you; or even a location or scene that’s special, unusual, or even magical in some way.”

This week the photo challenge is to share what masterpiece means to me..

Man is very creative and has created wonderful works of art yet, for me, the greatest artist remains nature. The natural world is where I find myself catching my breath because the beauty is overwhelming. When I step to the edge of a canyon, watch a bird or gaze inside a flower, I see that our wonderful creator has sculpted another masterpiece with magnificent grandeur or delicate intricacies.

Using the simple artist tools of wind and water, wonderful works of art have been created for out enjoyment. The two things we, as humans try to control, but ultimately fail to control, work together to present masterpieces.

Here are but a few of the creative masterpieces I have enjoyed with inexplicable joy.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

the "stone people" at Bryce's Canyon, Utah

the “stone people” at Bryce’s Canyon, Utah

beauty in green

beauty in green

Deep and Narrow Canyon in Northern BC

Deep and Narrow Canyon in Northern BC

A hoodoo in Alberta Canada.

A hoodoo in Alberta Canada.

Rainbow in the gorge at Sambeh Deh Falls, North West Territories, Canada

Rainbow in the gorge at Sambeh Deh Falls, North West Territories, Canada