I live in a Winter Wonderland

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a lover of snow and ice. (my car has a remote starter and seat warmers because I hate the cold)

I will admit I am really enjoying the mild winter so far here in Ontario.  I can be heard singing ” I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas, Just like the ones I used to know….” (I grew up in southern British Columbia)

This morning we awoke to find a dusting of white. Normally I would cringe and bury myself under the covers, longing for spring but this morning, along with the snow, we were delighted to see four deer grazing in the field. We often see a pair, so having four at a time is a rare treat.

I am delighted to report that since these photos were taken, the temperature has risen above freezing and the snow is rapidly melting. I can safely venture forth into this day… first the Gym for a much needed workout, then, after lunch, I will tackle the MALL…

wish me luck…





Weekly Photo Challenge: OOPS

Yesterday, we went walking in the Thornton Bales Conservation area, known locally as “the 99 Steps”. There are a lot of hills and one very steep section that has steps to make the climb easier (read harder) especially in damp weather.  P1060524

I love this area in every season. This year our weather has been particularly warm making a walk in the woods a wonderful joy. I was surprised to find colour on the dry and decaying logs. Mushrooms and fungus are something I have always appreciated in the spring and summer so I was pleased I had my camera handy.

Moss added life
to the decay.


I photographed these interesting fungus, clicking away as I often do, taking way more photos than I could ever use.  (aren’t they lovely?)P1060551






I simply had to get a photo from another angle and just as I hoped over the log… OOPS… I clicked the shutter..    So there you have it… my blurry knee. Perfectly captured for this prompt.P1060544

Check other bloggers as they show us there “OOPS” photos

Tangled in a Web of Manipulation

Today I feel a bit like this dragon fly. I sat on my deck and watched this lovely insect struggle.Caught in a web

It was enjoying the day, flitting around the garden as dragonflies do, when a nasty spider caught the red beauty in its web.

As I watched, the dragonfly became completely tangled. The spider watched from the edge, licking its lips.

waiting to devourI felt rather like the innocent dragonfly. I too have been caught in a web spun from lies and based on betrayal. I have written of this before and most of the time I enjoy my freedom and flit through my days quite happily.

Then I became ill.

I felt very alone during the long nights in the hospital room. When I came home, the phone calls from my ex-husband began in earnest. He told me of his concern for my well being. He told that once he was out of jail, he would take care of me. He told me how wonderful he is, how he has changed. He spun a web with strands of lies and promises. In my weakened and lonely state, I became caught in the web of his manipulating and contolling words.The calls came at least twice a day sometimes three or four times a day.hanging upside down

I took a couple of photos of the dragonfly, then I grasped the strands of web and placed the insect on the deck. It struggled and tried to fly but the strands of the web held it down.



I too struggled. Like the dragonfly, I needed a helping hand. I needed my friends to guide me out of the tangled web. Through talking it out, I came to realize the truth. I came to realize that I had to choose. I could remain in the web struggling or I could use my wings. I knew what I had to do. I had to choose freedom.

Finally the dragonfly flew a foot, then two and then it shook off the last of the silky strands and took to the air. It was free and did not look back.

Today I took flight.once more. I have learned that I must not look back. I have learned to consider whatever is good in my life and I have learned to keep my eyes off the bad. I do not want to dwell on the negative because those are the kind of thoughts that drag me down. I am able to see the promises he makes are all part of his sick and twisted mind. He continues to try and control me and, if I am not wary, I could fall for his promises and become tangled in his web once more. I have a choice: freedom or slavery to his perverted mind.

Like the dragonfly, I choose freedom. My wings are delicate. I do not want the edges to become ragged and torn. I know I must protect my new found wings if I want to keep on flying and enjoying my wonderful new life.wings

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

The weekly Photo challenge sent me out to take two photos choosing different angles from the same spot. In the first example, I chose the same view and took the photo both vertical and horizontal. the others I chose to get down and either take it at ground level, or look up. Which angles in the sets do you prefer? Please take the poll. you can choose one from each set.

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Look through the slide show of just three photos

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Weekly Photo Challenge: in the background

alexandra falls

Alexandra Falls, NWT

Dove on her nest

Morning Dove in the Blue Spruce. She doesn’t seem to mind being photographed.


What is this strange bird?


Capilano Suspension Bridge and the river in the background.


Rainbow in the background

Tiger caged

This poor tiger doesn’t look like he is enjoying being the background. I bet he would love to run free somewhere where he is front and centre.

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