Who is Lily?

I love to write. I love the way words play in the sunshine and dance in the rain. I love photography for the same reason. I am taking art lessons because I want to learn to capture life on canvas.

Life has tried to keep me in the pit but I refuse. I am working on writing my story.

I grew up in a small town, with a Father who suffered strokes and didn’t know who I was. My mother had to go to work for the first time in her 40’s. I suffered abuse at the hands of the neighbour which left me a scared and lonely child.  As an adult, life has taken me through many difficult times as well as many victories. I will be including some portions of my story here as I complete my memoir.

I have overcome the worst of betrayal and heartache and yet I rejoice because I am alive and still singing.


48 thoughts on “Who is Lily?

  1. Dear Lily ,
    What a pleasure to read u here in your words and photos ,
    I wanna tell you that i’m in love with the ” lily ” , so i named my best friend Lily , it’s a unique flower and also a name ,

    waiting for your newest posts ,,

    Greetings 😀

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