Am I Fit to Write?

SpiritSoulBody-3Fitness is all-encompassing. Our bodies are a miraculous machine but we need to do our part to keep it working properly. We need to care for ourselves, our body, soul and spirit.

When I think of fitness, I generally think of exercise but I have come to realize that fitness means so much more. If I want my body to perform to its max, I need to treat it the with care starting with the food I eat..

Eating the right foods has become a challenge. Generally I am trying to eat only “real’ food. I try to stay away from all those chemicals that I cannot pronounce. I avoid artificial colour and flavour as much as possible. It is not easy and I succumb to temptation and eat junk at times. Now there is another dilemma. Since 1994, we have been subjected to genetically engineered food often called GMO’s or Genetically Modified Organisms. In Canada and the USA there are no regulations requiring that foods containing GMO’s are labelled. Now we don’t know what we are eating.

According to  Eat Right Ontario‘s website:

“some genetically modified soybeans contain a gene that comes from soil bacteria. This gene helps the soybeans grow even when sprayed with herbicide. Some genetically modified corn has a gene that produces a toxin. This toxin kills an insect called the corn borer and allows the corn to grow without damage. These types of genetically modified foods are considered safe for humans to eat.”

Time will tell if these are safe.. Cigarettes were not considered a problem years ago and while the dangers of High Fructose Corn syrup have been identified, it remains in our food.

Many of today’s children have problems that were rare a generation or two ago. Autism, and all the ADHD and related disorders as well as a plethora of allergies are too common. (yes, we tend to label children more than in the past, when kids were either “trouble makers” or “slow”. What about allergies?… hmmm) Is it the food we eat? I am not an expert, nor am I suggesting anything, just wondering.

So what can I do? What can you do? We can join the many people trying to get better health standards in place but that takes time.

If I want to be healthier today. i need to make a commitment today.

images (2)Today I took another step on the road to total fitness.

  • Today I committed to care for my body and re-joined the gym.
  • I commit to spending at least an hour at the gym exercising at least three times a week
  • Today I will try to cut the packaged foods I consume and eat natural, mostly organic fruits and vegetables.
  • I will nourish my soul by spending time walking in the woods or sitting by the lake. I will paint and write and visit friends. I will smile and be thankful.
  • I will re-commit to my self-improvement plan 
  • I will meditate and pray because my spirit also needs nourishment.

The question is “Am I fit to write?”

Walking on the beach

Walking on the beach

I know my thinking is clearer and my concentration is better when I am healthy. On days when I do not exercise or at least go for a walk, I am sluggish. If I eat that doughnut or fill up on junk food, I have a hard time getting down to writing. If I do not spend time reading the Word and praying,I lose my joy and my enthusiasm for life diminishes. Total fitness and well-being are partners, synonyms. If I eat right but neglect exercise, I will not be as healthy as I could be. If I neglect my soul, I will not be emotionally fit. If I ignore spiritual matters, my soul will cry out searching for the meaning of life.

I challenge you to make one more change toward total fitness of your body soul and spirit.


5 thoughts on “Am I Fit to Write?

  1. So, I’m the opposite…much better at getting in the exercise, but not so good on the nutrition. This is my giant that I am facing right now. Trying to believe that I will see this “miracle” come to pass for my life. I recognize how it distracts from my walk with God and impacts my spiritual fitness.

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