Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Water is precious and access to fresh water is essential. We need water to survive. Water comprises 60% of the human body, 70% of the human brain, and 80% of human blood.

I am thankful I live in a country that still has a fresh water supply. I simply turn on my tap and enjoy.fresh

Water is fragile. Victims of recent flooding in parts our country and a major train disaster found their fresh water supply gone in an instant.  The world has the same amount of water that it had long ago, our problem is keeping it fresh. According to National Geographic  http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/freshwater/freshwater-101-interactive/ most of our fresh water is consumed by agriculture. Sadly the farmers are also big poluters.The chemicals used to fertilize crops and keep the insects at bay are washed into our rivers and lakes..

But… I am no expert, all I know is…

when I hear the word fresh, I think of water. I think of water and a twist of lemon, one of my favorite refreshments on a very hot day.

with lemon


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