Nostalgic for a simpler time.

Once upon a time life was simple. It was a good time for children. We had no TV, no computer games. Our telephone number was 72K and we had to ring the operator to connect, (dial phones were not yet available in the backwoods) My mother cooked on a wood stove.

It was a time when children went outside to play and stayed outside all day without wagonbecoming bored. By the time we were old enough for school, we were allowed to roam freely in the forested hills nearby. Mom warned us to bang sticks together and make lots of noise to scare away the bears and cougars. We were good at making noise, I cannot recall ever seeing anything wild, not even a squirrel. Watts road in the wagon

I have a niece and nephew who were just a little younger than my sister and I. The four of us had great fun together. We built forts in the woods, went swimming and climbed trees. We walked along the railway tracks and sat in the culverts under the tracks, waiting for a logging train to rumble over us. We picked berries and told secrets in the treehouse.stand up

My biggest fear was for the boogie man who lived in the closet under the stairs. Mom would threaten to open the door and let him out if I did not want to finish my meal. ( But this is a nostalgia post, so I will leave the trauma of fear based punishments for another day.)

I long for the good old days, when life was simple. I wish my grandchildren could have the freedom to explore that I enjoyed. I do take them into the woods whenever I can. I love to watch them running free, even if it is supervised freedom.  They don’t understand that in the good ole days,they would be in the woods alone..


23 thoughts on “Nostalgic for a simpler time.

  1. Lily, what a beautiful recollection of your childhood memories! We used to have “bush cooks”- as the name suggests, we used to cook in the bushes/pasture. Each child took an item from his/her mom’s kitchen to add to the one pot meal.

  2. I remember doing things like this too. Though, the railroad bridge ran through the town park. They’ve now turned it into a pedestrian bridge. Not quite the same, as you can’t put your ear on the track to listen for a coming train.

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