I Live on a Fragile Web

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is looking at the world through my eyes.

The world I see is fragile. Maybe yours is too. Like the spider’s web, we weave an intricate pattern connecting friends and family, work and play. We build a place we can call home, a place that provides the necessities of life and as many comforts as we can gather. On sunny days, we live and work, we love and laugh.
On darker days, storms come. Our web is battered by the winds of change. Our web is fragile, easily torn. Most often we rebuild the best we can, perhaps, through the storm experience, we become stronger than we once were.


My web has a giant tear in it, a gaping hole. My web is ripped apart. An ugly giant appeared one day and mangled my web. It now has a tear than cannot be mended. I am rebuilding around the hole with frayed threads. My friend threads are strong, stronger than before. Most of my family threads are intact. Some of the family members have severed their threads, hoping to save themselves. I have done my best but the security of my web is gone. I am afraid the giant may come back. I may have to abandon this tattered web and rebuild somewhere new. I hope I will find a secure place nearby to build my new web, somewhere where the storms and the giant can’t reach. Right now all I can do is wait. Right now all I can do is leave the rebuilding and the timing in the hands of God. I refuse to fear. I know, for now, this tattered web is where I belong. Right now I live on my fragile  web and I still laugh and love.


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