Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Weekly Photo Challenge This is a real working gas pump in a small town in The North West Territories, Canada. The price of gas was hand written. I love the “No Snivelling” sign that is so professionally made and the yellow handwritten “Gas” sign on top. What is most important?

Gas pump

 Only parts of the pump worked.  But they are very trusting people. We had to fill up, then go into the store and tell them how many litres of gas we pumped. They calculated what we owed on a calculator. At 1.68/litre (about $4.43/ gallon) it is very expensive gas being pumped out of this crazy gas pump.

Close up of the pump.

Close up of the pump. I love the way the words did not quite fit on the sign.

Just so no one feels it is just Canada that has weird gas pumps, this is one we went to in Minnesota, USA. Patience is a virtue. Minnesota


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