What does the clue mean?

aqueduct-sarah-ann-hallMike grabbed the phone out of Sharon’s hand. “I need to check it again.” The clue “a love song” made no sense. Mike climbed the white rail fence. He thought the stone pillars seemed out of place and wondered why they were surrounded by the fence? He stumbled over something and looked down. There at his feet was a grave marker. Brushing aside the weeds and dirt he read. “Martha Wilson” under her name the words “You will always be my love song”. Mike knew he was close… He pulled aside some more weeds. There it was; his tenth Geo-cache treasure.         _____________________________________________________________

GEOCACHING is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt.                                               Players try to locate hidden GPScontainers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online. There are likely treasures right in your town.


25 thoughts on “What does the clue mean?

    • The treasure in Geocaching is the joy of finding more than the trinkets in the box of treasure. Try geocaching and you will find out. Take some little key chain or plastic dinasour with you. Take something out of the box and replace it withone of your own. Silly yes, but the joy of the hunt is the main thing.

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