The Apothecary Shoppe

I smiled as I hung up the phone. Great news, I finally reached my Fathers family in England and I would be able to visit next month. I grabbed the car keys; I was going to the travel agent to book a flight. I opened the front door and turned to lock it. Something was wrong, the door was rough wood. In my hand was a skeleton key. My heart was racing. I turned and had to grab the pillar to steady myself. I was on a strange cobblestone street. A wagon, pulled by a couple of horses, rode past me; men and women old street scenehustled by, everyone dressed in old fashioned clothing. There were barrels and wooden boxes piled outside one store. I was so confused. A man tipped his hat and called me Ma’am. I opened my mouth to speak, but words would not come. My eyes fell on the storefront across the street. “Mugford Apothecary”. Scared as I was from the strange sights, I knew I had to check it out. The door creaked as I opened it. The air was thick with a mixture of strange musty odours. apothecary jarsJars of various shapes and sizes lined the shelves that stretched the length of the small room.

“Yes, yes, yes what do you need?” the man questioned impatiently as he looked up from his work. He sat at a small table near the window. He was dressed all in black with a shock of long white hair and a full beard to match. His white eyebrows were long and thick. I couldn’t help but notice the large gold ring on his right hand.great grandfather He was grinding something with his mortar and pestle. I watched as he tipped the brown substance onto the scale. “I noticed your name.” I stammered.

“And what of it?” He barked the question as he looked up at me. His eyes twinkled and I relaxed. “My name is Mugford, Lily Mugford.” I stretched my arm toward the man. “Charles Mugford” he took my hand in his. “Lily is my wife’s name, in fact, you appear much like her.”   I knew at that moment, I was face to face with my Great Grandfather. I remember my dad telling me that my ancestors were Chemists. The moment I made the connection, I found myself once again on my own porch. I really need to get some rest. I continued on my way to book my vacation.


16 thoughts on “The Apothecary Shoppe

  1. Great story, and the well-chosen pictures really added to the atmosphere! I love that you met a relative.
    You know you’ve gone back in time when a gentleman tips his hat to a lady and calls her “Ma’am” 🙂

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