Please, answer this question..

Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway  … If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

I have a question… I make comments on other blogs but I don’t always go back to see if they responded to my comment. I also do not always respond to every comment made on my blog.    

How important is it to respond to every comment? 

I do try to visit the blog of those that make comments on my blog however.  

Just wondering. I need your advice. What do you do? What should I do?


36 thoughts on “Please, answer this question..

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  2. For my own blog, I feel obligated to respond to comments. Not burden-obligated, but respectfulness-obligated. If something I write touches people enough to comment, I think it’s my job to draw their comment into the art of the original post. For me, the like button is a nice quick vote of support, but the comment (as mentioned by a prior commenter) is the real thing.

    Unlike above, I don’t feel obligated to visit the commenter’s blog, but, as it turns out, I almost always do it anyway. They’re a part of my blog family. Some are close and some are more remote. When I comment, I would love it if the commented-upon (and others) visited my blog, but that’s only a bonus. The conversation at the place of commenting is much more important.

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