Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Our “Bottled Water” Culture

I know that drinking water is good for our health, our bodies need clean water to survive. We are drinking more water and that is great but our society is obsessed with bottled water.

We can purchase regular spring water and all sorts of flavored waters, some have added vitamins but all cost more than just money. The cost to produce all those bottles needs to be calculated in greenhouse gas emissions, the pollution created by the manufacture and transport of the bottles. The carbon footprint for bottled water is outrageous  The cost needs to be measured in land fill costs. Tap water is very inexpensive in comparison. Some are afraid of the chemicals in our tap water but fail to realize that the bottled water industry is actually less regulated than cities and town’s tap water. (According to Consumer Reports   http://www.greenerchoices.org/products.cfm?product=0712bottledwater )

English: Bottled water fills an aisle in a sup...

English: Bottled water fills an aisle in a supermarket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They go on to say that “Whatever the bottle says, don’t be misled by crisp blue labels and pictures of mountains. Purified tap water is the source of much of the bottled water produced in the U.S.(and other countries I would guess), according to industry data.”

What should we do?WATER

One solution is to purchase a refillable water bottle, a home water filtration system (I use a simple Brita)  and carry our water with us when we go about our day. We need to stop filling our garbage dumps and take responsibility for our environment. We need to change our throw-away, disposable attitudes and change our culture.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. I like using a filter too, but am often guilty of buying bottled water when we travel. OK… long distance travel is not practical to not do so but sometimes for shorter weekend trips where we go with the car we should try taking the filter with us.

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