Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I visited Kootenay National Park in Southern BC Canada and was impressed by what is called the Paint Pots. The chemicals bubbling up from beneath the earth have changed the colour of the landscape to something very unusual: yellow and green ponds.

According to the Park website ; “The Paint Pots and the associated ochre beds form an area of unusual physical and chemical activity and have a history of use by both Aboriginal groups and Europeans

The paint pots themselves are formed by the accumulation of iron oxide around the outlets of three cold mineral springs. As the rim of iron builds up around each pot, they gradually increase in height. The greenish colour of the two larger pots is the result of the mixing of fresh water from a small creek, which empties into the largest pool.”

You can read more at  http://www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/bc/kootenay/natcul/paintpots.aspx

Ochre paint pot, the earth is like clay

The green pool

My favorite park memory is the pathway leading back to the parking lot. Many wet feet have stained the wood and changed it to a lovely yellowish orange colour. I could not help myself. I had to skip down the trail singing “we’re off to see the Wizard…”

Yellow path... ing with me.. "We\re off to see the Wizard"

Yellow path… sing with me.. “We’re off to see the Wizard”


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