Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question

journal, pen

“Why do I blog?”  A big question for someone just entering this blogging world.

I decided to start this blog to tell my story. I have heard it said that we all have a story to tell, we all have a book inside us that is trying to get out. I know I have a story.

I do love to write. I love the ways stringing words together on a page can paint a picture, can reach a deep emotion. Words can say so much, they can guide and inform and reach a heart.

My story began when I was born. A surprise baby, and from what I am told, I did not fit with the families plan. Newly immigrated to Canada, my parents already had a full family with four growing children, the oldest already sixteen. But here I am and glad of it.

There is much to tell about abuse, about heartache and loneliness both as a child and as an adult. There are joys too, many triumphs and victories. I have been able to rewrite my sad story into a story of how to overcome, how to survive and thrive in a dark and sinful world.

I am writing a book. It is still a work in progress but as I get closer to the finish line I get more excited to let my story reveal itself. I hope you join me in this blog as I present snippets of my work, and do some soul-searching.

Don’t forget to make a comment so I know you were here. Comments encourage me to continue on this path.



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